Sell Pharmaceutical Materials, APIs, Oncology, Antivirus, Antibiotic, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Laboratory Research Sample and Standard Sample, Bulk Pharmaceutical and Chemical Raw Materials, Pharm

Go down Sell Pharmaceutical Materials, APIs, Oncology, Antivirus, Antibiotic, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Laboratory Research Sample and Standard Sample, Bulk Pharmaceutical and Chemical Raw Materials, Pharm

Post  pharmchemical on Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:37 pm Sell Pharmaceutical Materials, APIs, Oncology, Antivirus, Antibiotic, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Laboratory Research Sample and Standard Sample, Bulk Pharmaceutical and Chemical Raw Materials, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Intermediates, Nutrition Supplements, Food Additives, Herb Extracts, etc. , ZHOU FANG PHARM CHEMICAL is your reliable manufacturer (factory, supplier, exporter), we sell (supply, offer, export) the Oncology (Anticancer), Antivirus, Antibiotic, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), Pharmaceutical and Chemical Laboratory Research Sample and Standard Sample, Bulk Pharmaceutical and Chemical Raw Materials, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Intermediates, Nutrition Supplements, Food Additives, Herb Extracts, etc.

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Number  Full Product List (In alphabetical sequence)  CAS # Quality
ZFFPL1300 Kallidinogenase 9001-1-8 JP/CP
ZFFPL1301 Kallidinogenase JP/CP
ZFFPL1302 Kallikrein >50u/mg
ZFFPL1303 Kallikrein >50u/mg
ZFFPL1304 Kanamycin Acid Sulphate BP93
ZFFPL1305 Kanamycin Monosulfate A 59-01-8 USP24
ZFFPL1306 Kanamycin Monosulfate A USP24
ZFFPL1307 Kasugamycin Hydrochloride 19408-46-9 CP/ES
ZFFPL1308 Kasugamycin Hydrochloride 80%
ZFFPL1309 Kava kava Extract Latones 30%
ZFFPL1310 Ketanserin 74050-98-9 98% Min
ZFFPL1311 Ketanserin 98% Min
ZFFPL1312 Ketoconazole 65277-42-1 USP24
ZFFPL1313 Ketoconazole BP98/USP24
ZFFPL1314 Ketonitrile ES/CP
ZFFPL1315 Ketoprofen USP24/BP98
ZFFPL1316 Ketotifen Fumarate 34580-14-8 EP4
ZFFPL1317 Ketotifen Fumarate EP4/CP2000
ZFFPL1318 Kinetin 99% Min
ZFFPL1319 Kojic Acid 99% Min
ZFFPL1320 Kudzu Extract 25%, 40%
ZFFPL1321 Kunity Trypsin Inhibitor or Aprotinium EP/CP
ZFFPL1322 Kunity Trypsin Inhibitor or Aprotinium EP/CP
ZFFPL1323 L(+)Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate 99% Min
ZFFPL1324 L-4-Trans Hydroxyproline Methyl Ester Hydrochloride (HCl) 99% Min
ZFFPL1325 L-5-hydroxy-tryptophan 98%
ZFFPL0474 L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium 98%Min
ZFFPL1326 Labetalo Hydrochloride BP/USP
ZFFPL1327 Lacidipine 103890-78-4 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1328 Lacidipine 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1329 Lactasin ES
ZFFPL1330 Lafutidine 118288-08-7 99% Min
ZFFPL1331 Lafutidine 99%
ZFFPL1332 L-allo-Threonine 99%Min
ZFFPL1333 Laminaria P.E Polysaccharides 15%,30%,60%
ZFFPL1334 Lamivudine USP28
ZFFPL1335 Lamivudine (3TC) 134678-17-4 99% Min
ZFFPL1336 Lamotrigine 84057-84-1 CP/ES
ZFFPL1337 Lamotrigine 99%Min
ZFFPL1338 Lansoprazole 103577-45-3 99% Min
ZFFPL1339 Lansoprazole USP29
ZFFPL2510 Lapatinib Ditosylate 388082-78-8 99%Min
ZFFPL1340 Lappaconitine Hydrobromide 97792-45-5  98% Min
ZFFPL1341 Lappaconitine Hydrobromide (HBr) 99%Min
ZFFPL1342 L-Arginine Hydrochloride (HCl) /Base 99%
ZFFPL1343 L-asparagine Monohydrate CP2005/AJI93
ZFFPL1344 Latanoprost 130209-82-4 97% Min
ZFFPL1345 Latanoprost 99%Min
ZFFPL1346 L-Carnitine Base,Fumarate,Hydrochloride (HCl),L-Tartrate USP26
ZFFPL1347 Leflunomide 75706-12-6 99% Min
ZFFPL1348 Leflunomide 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1349 Lenalidomide 191732-72-6 98% Min
ZFFPL1350 Lenalidomide 98%Min
ZFFPL1351 Leonurine HCl 24697-74-3 99%Min
ZFFPL1352 Leonurine Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%Min
ZFFPL1353 Lercanidipine 100427-26-7 99% Min
ZFFPL1354 Lercanidipine 99%Min
ZFFPL1355 Letosteine ES/CP
ZFFPL2511 Letrozole 1128090-51-5 USP/EP
ZFFPL1356 Leuco-1,4,5,8-Tetrahydroxy Anthraquinone 98%
ZFFPL1357 Leucogen ES/CP
ZFFPL1358 Leucovorin Calcium 1492-18-8 USP28/BP
ZFFPL1359 Leucovorin calcium USP28
ZFFPL1360 Leuprolide 98%
ZFFPL1361 Leuprorelin Acetate ES/CP
ZFFPL1362 Levamisole Hydrochloride (HCl) BP98
ZFFPL1363 Levamlodipine Besylate 103129-82-4 99% Min
ZFFPL1364 Levamlodipine Besylate 99%
ZFFPL1365 Levetiracetam 102767-28-2 98% Min
ZFFPL1366 Levetiracetam 99%Min
ZFFPL1367 Levobetaxolol HCl 116209-55-3  98.5% Min
ZFFPL1368 Levobetaxolol Hydrochloride (HCl) 98.5%Min
ZFFPL1369 Levocetirizine Hydrochloride 130018-87-0 CP/ES
ZFFPL1370 Levocitirizine DiHydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1371 Levodopa BP98
ZFFPL1372 Levodropropizine EP6.3/BP2000
ZFFPL1373 Levofloxacin 99% Min
ZFFPL1374 Levonorgestrel USP/BP
ZFFPL1375 Levosimendan 141505-33-1 99% Min
ZFFPL1376 Levosimendan 98.5%Min
ZFFPL1377 Levosulpiride 98%Min
ZFFPL1378 Levothyroxine Sodium USP25
ZFFPL1379 L-Glutamine ES/CP
ZFFPL1380 L-Histidine Base 99%
ZFFPL1381 L-Homophenylalanine 98% Min
ZFFPL1382 Licorice Root P.E. 22%
ZFFPL1383 Lidocaine Hydrochloride (HCl) USP28/BP2003
ZFFPL1384 Ligustrazine Hydrochloride (HCl) GMP/CP77
ZFFPL2512 Linagliptin 668270-12-0 99%Min
ZFFPL1385 Lincomycin Hydrochloride (HCl) BP98
ZFFPL1387 Linezolid 165800-03-3 98% Min
ZFFPL1388 Linezolid 98% Min
ZFFPL2547 Linifanib (ABT-869) 796967-16-3 ES
ZFFPL2513 Lipstatin 96829-59-3 90%Min
ZFFPL1389 Liranaftate 88678-31-3 99% Min
ZFFPL1390 Liranaftate 99% Min
ZFFPL1391 Lisinopril Dihydrate 83915-83-7 USP24/BP
ZFFPL1392 Lisinopril Dihydrate USP30/EP4
ZFFPL1393 L-Leucovorin Calcium 80433-71-2 99% Min
ZFFPL1394 L-Leucovorin Calcium EP4
ZFFPL1395 L-Levoglutamide ES/CP
ZFFPL1396 L-Lsoleucine USP24
ZFFPL1397 L-Lysine Base AJI90
ZFFPL1398 L-Lysine Methyl ester Hydrochloride (HCl) / Monohydrate 98.50%
ZFFPL1399 L-Methyldopa 41372-08-1 CP/ES
ZFFPL1400 L-Methyldopa ES/CP
ZFFPL1401 Lobeline Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%
ZFFPL1402 Lofepramine 98%
ZFFPL1403 Lofexidine 99%Min
ZFFPL1404 Lohexol USP25
ZFFPL1405 Lomefloxacin Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1406 Lomerizine HCl 101477-54-7 CP/ES
ZFFPL1407 Lomerizine Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1408 Lomustine 13010-47-4 CP/ES
ZFFPL1409 Lomustine / Lomustinum BP2000
ZFFPL1410 Lonidamine 50264-69-2 99% Min
ZFFPL1411 Lonidamine USP
ZFFPL1412 Loperamide HCl 34552-83-5 USP24
ZFFPL1413 Loperamide Hydrochloride (HCl) USP24
ZFFPL1414 Lopinavir 192725-17-0 CP/ES
ZFFPL1415 Lopinavir ES/CP
ZFFPL1416 Loquat Leaf P.E. Ursolic acid 15% , 25%
ZFFPL1417 Loratadine 79794-75-5 99% Min
ZFFPL1418 Loratadine 99% Min
ZFFPL1419 Lorcainide (Free Base) 98%
ZFFPL1420 Lornoxicam 70374-39-9 98%Min
ZFFPL1421 Lornoxicam 99%
ZFFPL1422 Losartan Potassium 114798-26-4 USP28
ZFFPL1423 Losartan Potassium USP28
ZFFPL1424 Loteprednol Etabonate 98.5%Min
ZFFPL1425 Lovastatin 75330-75-5 USP23
ZFFPL1426 Lovastatin USP31
ZFFPL1427 Loversol USP25
ZFFPL1428 Low Molecular Weight Heparin From Bovine or Ovine >80IU/mg
ZFFPL1429 Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH) 40-60IU/mg
ZFFPL1430 Loxapine Succinate USP24
ZFFPL1431 Loxoprofen Sodium ES/CP
ZFFPL1432 L-Rhamnose /6-Deoxy-L-mannose ES/CP
ZFFPL1433 L-tryptophan 99% Min
ZFFPL1434 L-Tyrosine AJI92
ZFFPL1435 Lucid ganoderma P.E Triterpenes 4% , Polysaccharides 10%
ZFFPL1436 Lumiracoxib ES/CP
ZFFPL1437 Luohanguo Extract 40%,60%,80%
ZFFPL2548 Lurasidone 367514-87-2 ES
ZFFPL1438 Lutein 50% Min
ZFFPL1439 L-Valine USP24
ZFFPL1440 Lycium barbar Polysaccharide 50% (UV)
ZFFPL1441 Lycopene 502-65-8 CP/ES
ZFFPL1442 Lycopene 90%Min
ZFFPL1443 Lycorenine 477-19-0 99%Min
ZFFPL1444 Lycorenine 99%Min
ZFFPL1445 Lycorine 476-28-8 99%Min
ZFFPL1446 Lycorine 99%Min
ZFFPL1447 Madecassic acid 18449-41-7 95% Min
ZFFPL1448 Madecassic acid Madecassic acid 95%
ZFFPL1449 Madecassoside Madecassoside 95%HPLC
ZFFPL1450 Maduramicin Ammonium 90% MIN
ZFFPL1451 Mafenide Acetate USP26
ZFFPL1452 Magnesium Pyruvate ES/CP
ZFFPL1453 Maitake Mushroom 10%/20%/30%
ZFFPL1454 Malotilate 59937-28-9 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1455 Malotilate 98.50%
ZFFPL1456 Manidipine HCL 89226-50-6 99% Min
ZFFPL1457 Manidipine Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%
ZFFPL1458 Mannatide oral / Injection
ZFFPL1459 Mannatide Oral Grade
ZFFPL1460 Matrine 98%Min
ZFFPL1461 m-Chloro peroxy benzoic Acid 85% Min
ZFFPL1462 Mebendazole BP98
ZFFPL1463 Mebhydrolin Napadisylate 98.5%Min
ZFFPL1464 Mecobalamin /Vitamin B12 13422-55-4 JP14
ZFFPL1465 Mecobalamin /Vitamin B12 JP14/98%
ZFFPL1466 Medetomidine Hydrochloride (HCl) 98.50%
ZFFPL1467 Medicinal Evodia P.E Evodiamine 10%
ZFFPL1468 Medicinal Evodia P.E 10% Min
ZFFPL1469 Medroxy Progesterone Acetate / Base USP28/BP2002
ZFFPL1470 Mefenamic Acid BP2003
ZFFPL1471 Megestrol Acetate / Base USP28/BP2002
ZFFPL1472 Meglumine EP6/USP27
ZFFPL1473 Meglumine Antimoniate 6284-40-8 CP/ES
ZFFPL1474 Meglumine Antimoniate 99%
ZFFPL2460 Meisoindigo 97207-47-1 CP/ES
ZFFPL1475 Melanotan II 98.50%
ZFFPL1476 Melatonin 99% Min
ZFFPL1477 Meleumycin 149370-53-6 CP/ES
ZFFPL1478 Meleumycinum GB
ZFFPL1479 Melitracen Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1480 Meloxicam BP2002
ZFFPL1481 Melphalan 148-82-3 USP27
ZFFPL1482 Melphalan Hydrochloride (HCl) USP28
ZFFPL1483 Menantine Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%
ZFFPL1484 Meprobamate ES/CP
ZFFPL1485 Mequitazine 29216-28-2 CP/ES
ZFFPL1486 Mequitazine ES/CP
ZFFPL1487 Mercaptopurine USP24
ZFFPL1488 Meropenem 96036-03-2 99% Min
ZFFPL1489 Meropenem Trihydrate USP28 / 900u/mg
ZFFPL1490 Mesalazine 99%Min
ZFFPL1491 Meslofenoxate Hydrochloride CP2000/JP14
ZFFPL1492 Mesna EP5
ZFFPL1493 Meso-2,3-Dimercaptosuccinic Acid 304-55-2 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1494 Meso-2,3-Dimercaptosuccinic Acid 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1495 Metadoxine ES/CP
ZFFPL1496 Metaraminol Bitartrate 33402-03-8 BP2002
ZFFPL1497 Metaraminol Tartrate BP2002
ZFFPL1498 Metformin Hydrochloride (HCl) USP26
ZFFPL1499 Methacyclime Hydrochloride (HCl) SUP/BP
ZFFPL1500 Methazolamide USP23
ZFFPL1501 Methenamine USP29
ZFFPL1502 Methimazole USP24
ZFFPL1503 Methocarbamol USP24
ZFFPL1504 Methotrexate 59-05-2 USP26
ZFFPL1505 Methotrexate Disodium 15475-56-6 CP/ES
ZFFPL1506 Methotrexate Disodium ES/CP
ZFFPL1507 Methoxyphenamine Hydrochloride ES/CP
ZFFPL1508 Methyl Cantharidimide ES/CP
ZFFPL1509 Methyl Cantharidimide CP/ES
ZFFPL1510 Methyl di(2-thienyl) glycolate 99%Min
ZFFPL1511 Methyl Hesperidin UV94%
ZFFPL1512 Methyl Paroxetine ES/CP
ZFFPL1513 Methyl p-tolyl sulfone ES/CP
ZFFPL1514 Methyl-4'-Bromomethylbiphenyl-2-Carboxylate 98% Min
ZFFPL1515 Methyldopa ES/CP
ZFFPL1516 Methyl-hesperidin 94%
ZFFPL1517 Methylprednisolone Acetate / Base/ Hemisuccinate/ Sodium Succinate
ZFFPL1518 Metolazone FDA/USP25
ZFFPL1519 Metoprolol Tartrate ES/CP
ZFFPL1520 Metsulfuron-Methyl 95%
ZFFPL1521 Mevastatin / Compactin 97%
ZFFPL1522 Mevastatin 73573-88-3 85%/95%Min
ZFFPL1523 Mexiletine Hydrochloride BP98/CP2000
ZFFPL1524 Mezlocillin Acid ES/CP
ZFFPL2514 Micafungin Sodium 208538-73-2 97%Min
ZFFPL1525 Miconazole nitrate USP29
ZFFPL1526 Micronomicin Sulfate 66803-19-8 JAE86/90
ZFFPL1527 Micronomicin Sulfate JAS2000/CP2005
ZFFPL1528 Midecamycin 55881-07-7 920u/mg
ZFFPL1529 Midecamycin 920u/mg
ZFFPL1530 Miglitol 99%Min
ZFFPL1531 Mildronate 99%Min
ZFFPL1532 Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin 80%
ZFFPL1533 Milnacipran Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1534 Milrinone 78415-72-2 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1535 Milrinone USP28
ZFFPL1536 Miltefosine 58066-85-6 CP/ES
ZFFPL1537 Miltefosine ES/CP
ZFFPL1538 Minocycline HCl 13614-98-7 CP/ES
ZFFPL1539 Minocycline Hydrochloride (HCl) USP30
ZFFPL1540 Minoxidil 38304-91-5 USP24
ZFFPL1541 Minoxidil Base / Sulfate 99% Min
ZFFPL2515 Miriplatin 104276-92-8 CP/ES
ZFFPL1542 Mirtazapine 99%Min
ZFFPL1543 Mitiglinide Calcium Hydrate 145525-41-3 99% Min
ZFFPL1544 Mitiglinide Calcium Hydrate 99%Min
ZFFPL1545 Mitomycin C 50-07-7 USP24
ZFFPL1546 Mitotane 53-19-0 USP27
ZFFPL1547 Mitotane UPS28
ZFFPL1548 Mitoxantrone HCl 70476-82-3 USP24
ZFFPL1549 Mitoxantrone Hydrochloride (HCl) USP24
ZFFPL1550 Mivacurium Chloride 97.00%
ZFFPL1551 Mizolastine 108612-45-9 CP/ES
ZFFPL1552 Mizolastine ES/CP
ZFFPL1553 Mizoribine 50924-49-7 CP/ES
ZFFPL1554 Mizoribine 99%
ZFFPL1555 Moclobemide 99% Min
ZFFPL1556 Moexipril 103775-10-6 98-101%
ZFFPL1557 Moexipril Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1558 Molsidomine 98% Min
ZFFPL1559 Mometasone Furoate USP28/EP5
ZFFPL1560 Momordica P.E Glycosides 80%
ZFFPL1561 Monensin Sodium 90%Min
ZFFPL1562 Mongolian Dandeline Extract Flavone >6%
ZFFPL1563 Mono-ammonium glycyrrizinate ES/CP
ZFFPL1564 Monobenzone 98%Min
ZFFPL1565 Montelukast Sodium 158966-92-8 97% Min
ZFFPL1566 Montelukast Sodium 99%
ZFFPL1567 Moroxydine Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1568 Morrhuic Acid CP2000
ZFFPL1569 Mosapride Citrate CP/JP
ZFFPL1570 Moxifloxacin 99% Min
ZFFPL1571 Moxonidine 75438-57-2 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1572 Moxonodine Hydrochloride (HCl) ES
ZFFPL1573 Mozavaptan 137975-06-5 ES/CP
ZFFPL1574 Mozavaptan ES/CP
ZFFPL1575 M-Tolidine 60%
ZFFPL1576 Mulberry leaf Extract 5:01
ZFFPL1577 Mupirocin 12650-69-0 USP28
ZFFPL1578 Mupirocin USP28
ZFFPL2549 Mupirocin Calcium 115074-43-6 USP
ZFFPL1579 Mycophenolate Mofetil 115007-34-6 CP/ES
ZFFPL1580 Mycophenolate Mofetil EP5
ZFFPL1581 Mycophenolate sodium 37415-62-6   95%Min
ZFFPL1582 Mycophenolate sodium 95%(HPLC)
ZFFPL1583 Mycophenolic Acid 24280-93-1 98% Min
ZFFPL1584 Mycophenolic Acid, MPA ES/CP
ZFFPL1585 Myricetin 80%Min
ZFFPL1586 N-(5-Amino-2-methylphenyl)-4-(3-pyridyl)-2-pyrimidine-amine ES
ZFFPL1587 N-[1-(S)-(Ethoxycarbonyl)-3-Phenylpropy]-L-Alanine 98%
ZFFPL1588 N-[1-(S)-(Ethoxycarbonyl)-3-Phenylpropy]-L-Alanine-N-carboxyanhydride
ZFFPL1589 Nabumetone USP26/EP4
ZFFPL1590 N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine ES/CP
ZFFPL1591 N-Acetyl-l-Tyrosine AJI88
ZFFPL1592 N-Acetylneuraminic Acid 131-48-6 98% Min
ZFFPL1593 N-Acetylneuraminic Acid 98%Min
ZFFPL1594 Nadifloxacin 124858-35-1 99% Min
ZFFPL1595 Nadifloxacin ES/CP
ZFFPL1596 Nafamostat Mesilate 81525-10-2 CP/ES
ZFFPL1597 Nafamostat Mesilate 99%Min
ZFFPL1598 Nafarelin Acetate ES/CP
ZFFPL1599 Naftidrofuryl (Oxalate) 95% Min
ZFFPL1600 Naftifine Hydrochloride 99%Min
ZFFPL1601 Naftopidil 57149-07-2 CP/ES
ZFFPL1602 Naftopidil 99%Min
ZFFPL1603 Nagelienai nateglinide ES/CP
ZFFPL1604 Naloxone Hydrochloride (HCl) ES
ZFFPL1605 Naltrexone Base / Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1606 Naphazoline Nitrate USP25
ZFFPL1607 Naphthoquine Phosphate 98.5%Min
ZFFPL1608 Naproxen USP24
ZFFPL1609 Naringenin 98% Min
ZFFPL1610 Naringin 98%
ZFFPL1611 Natamycin 50 PCT Minimum + Lactose 7681-93-8 USP25/50%
ZFFPL1612 Natamycin 50 PCT Minimum + Lactose USP25/50% Min
ZFFPL1613 Nateglinide 105816-04-4 99% Min
ZFFPL1614 Nateglinide 99% Min
ZFFPL1615 N-Bromosuccinimide 98%MIN
ZFFPL1616 Nebivolol 99200-09-6 99% Min
ZFFPL1617 Nebivolol 99%Min
ZFFPL1618 Nedaplatin 95734-82-0 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1619 Nedaplatin ES/CP
ZFFPL1620 Nefazodone ES/CP
ZFFPL1621 Nefinavir Mesylate ES/CP
ZFFPL1622 Nefiracetam ES/CP
ZFFPL1623 Nelarabine 121032-29-9 98% Min
ZFFPL1624 Nelarabine 99%Min
ZFFPL1625 Nelfinavir 159989-65-8 99% Min
ZFFPL1626 Nelfinavir 99%Min
ZFFPL2516 Nelzarabine 121032-29-9 CP/ES
ZFFPL1627 Neohesperidin HPLC
ZFFPL1628 Neomycin Sulfate USP24/BP98
ZFFPL1629 Neostigmine Bromide 114-80-7 CP/ES
ZFFPL1630 Neostigmine Bromide / Methylsulfate USP25
ZFFPL1631 Neostigmine Methylsulfate 51-60-5 CP/ES
ZFFPL1632 Neridronate 79778-41-9 CP/ES
ZFFPL1633 Neridronate ES/CP
ZFFPL1634 N-Ethoxycarbonyl-2-ethoxy-1/2-dihydroquinoline ES/CP
ZFFPL1635 N-Ethylglucamine ES/CP
ZFFPL1636 Netilmicin Sulfate 56391-57-2 USP26
ZFFPL1637 Netilmicin Sulfate USP26
ZFFPL1638 Nettle P.E Organosilicon 1%
ZFFPL1639 Nevirapine USP28
ZFFPL1640 Nevirapine (NVP) 129618-40-2 99% Min
ZFFPL1641 Nicarbazine 99%
ZFFPL1642 Nicardipine HCl 54527-84-3 CP2000
ZFFPL1643 Nicardipine Hydrochloride (HCl) CP2000
ZFFPL1644 Nicergoline ES/CP
ZFFPL1645 Niclosamide Ethanolamine Salt 98% Min
ZFFPL1646 Nicorandil CP
ZFFPL1647 Nifedipine USP26
ZFFPL1648 Nifekalant 130636-43-0 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1649 Nifekalant 98.5%Min
ZFFPL1650 Nifuroxaide 98.5-101.5%
ZFFPL1651 Nifursol ES/CP
ZFFPL1652 Nigericin(Sodium/salt) 28643-80-3  98% Min
ZFFPL1653 Nigericin(Sodium/salt) 98%
ZFFPL1654 Nilestriol CP2000
ZFFPL1655 Nilotinib 641571-10-0 CP/ES
ZFFPL1656 Nilotinib ES/CP
ZFFPL1657 Nilutamide ES/CP
ZFFPL1658 Nimesulide ES/CP
ZFFPL1659 Nimodipine USP24
ZFFPL1660 Nimustine HCl 42471-28-3 CP/ES
ZFFPL1661 Nimustine Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1662 Nisoldipine 63675-72-9 CP/ES
ZFFPL1663 Nisoldipine JP14
ZFFPL1664 Nitidine 13063-04-2 98% Min
ZFFPL1665 Nitidine Chloride 98%
ZFFPL1666 Nitrendipine BP2000
ZFFPL1667 Nitrofurantoin BP2000
ZFFPL1668 Nitroxinil ES/CP
ZFFPL1669 Nizatidine ES/CP
ZFFPL1670 N-Methylglucamine EP4
ZFFPL1671 Nobiletin 20%
ZFFPL1672 Nolatrexed 2 Hydrochloride (2HCl) / 152946-68-4 ES/CP
ZFFPL1673 Nolatrexed 2HCl 152946-68-4 CP/ES
ZFFPL1674 Nonivamide 2444-46-4 98% Min
ZFFPL1675 Nonivamide 98%Min
ZFFPL1676 Noradrenaline Bitartrate 69815-49-2 USP29/EP5
ZFFPL1677 Noradrenaline Bitartrate USP29/EP5
ZFFPL1678 Norcantharidin 5442-12-6 99% Min
ZFFPL1679 Norcantharidin / Norcantharidinum CP2005
ZFFPL1680 Norepinephrine Bitartrate USP30
ZFFPL1681 Norethisterone Acetate USP26/BP2002
ZFFPL1682 Norfloxacin Hydrochloride (HCl) / Nicotinate USP27/CP2000
ZFFPL1683 Norgestimate USP28
ZFFPL1684 Notoginsen triterpenes Total triterpenes 95% UV
ZFFPL1685 N-tert-Butyl-4-(tert-butoxycarbonyl)-(S)-2-piperazine carboxamide 98%
ZFFPL1686 Nystatin 99%Min
ZFFPL1687 Octacosanol 557-61-9 40% Min
ZFFPL1688 Octacosanol 90%Min
ZFFPL1689 Octopirox ES/CP
ZFFPL1690 Octreotide Acetate 83150-76-9 CP/ES
ZFFPL1691 Octreotide Acetate ES/CP
ZFFPL1692 Octylonium Bromide 26095-59-0 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1693 Octylonium Bromide 98.5%Min
ZFFPL1694 Officinal Magnolia Bark Extract Mangnolol&Honokiol 90%
ZFFPL1695 Officinal Magnolia Bark Extract CP/ES
ZFFPL1696 Ofloxacin USP24
ZFFPL1697 Olanzapine 99% Min
ZFFPL1698 Oleanic Acid 98%MIN
ZFFPL1699 Oleanolic acid 98%
ZFFPL1700 Olmesartan Medoxomil 144689-63-4 99% Min
ZFFPL1701 Olmesartan Medoxomil ES/CP
ZFFPL1702 Olopatadine HCl 140462-76-6 98% Min
ZFFPL1703 Olopatadine Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%Min
ZFFPL1704 Olpadronate 63132-39-8 CP/ES
ZFFPL1705 Olpadronate ES/CP
ZFFPL1706 Olprinone HCl 106730-54-0 CP/ES
ZFFPL1707 Olprinone Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1708 Olsalazine Sodium 15722-48-2 CP/ES
ZFFPL1709 Olsalazine Sodium ES/CP
ZFFPL1710 Omeprazole Powder / Sodium USP24/BP2000/EP4
ZFFPL1711 Ondansetron Base 116002-70-1/ Hydrochloride (HCl) 99% Min
ZFFPL1712 Ondansetron HCl 103639-04-9 USP26
ZFFPL1713 Orazamide CP2000
ZFFPL1714 Orciprenaline USP27
ZFFPL1715 Orlistat 96829-58-2 98% Min
ZFFPL1716 Orlistat 98%Min
ZFFPL1717 Ornidazole 99% Min
ZFFPL1718 Orotic Acid 99% Min
ZFFPL1719 Osmunda japonica thunb P.E Ponaeterone A 10%
ZFFPL1720 Osthole 50% Min
ZFFPL1721 Oteracil Potassium 2207-75-2 CP/ES
ZFFPL1722 Oteracil Potassium ES
ZFFPL1723 Otilonium Bromide 98.5%Min
ZFFPL1724 Oxacillin Sodium USP23
ZFFPL1725 Oxaliplatin 61825-94-3 EP4.4
ZFFPL1726 Oxaliplatin EP5TH
ZFFPL1727 Oxapium Iodide 6577-41-9 98.5%MIN
ZFFPL1728 Oxapium Iodide 98.5%MIN
ZFFPL1729 Oxaprozin CP2005
ZFFPL1730 Oxcarbazepine ES/CP
ZFFPL1731 Oxfendazole BPV98/EP4
ZFFPL1732 Oxibendazole CPV92
ZFFPL1733 Oxiconazole nitrate ES/CP
ZFFPL1734 Oxolamine Citric Acid 99%Min
ZFFPL1735 Oxolinic acid JP
ZFFPL2550 Oxomemazine 3689-50-7 99%
ZFFPL1736 Oxybuprocaine Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1737 Oxybutynin HCl 5633-20-5 USP24
ZFFPL1738 Oxybutynin Hydrochloride (HCl) USP24
ZFFPL1739 Oxymatrine 16837-52-8 95% Min
ZFFPL1740 Oxymatrine 98%
ZFFPL1741 Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride 1491-59-4 BP/USP
ZFFPL1742 Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride BP/USP
ZFFPL1743 Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride (HCl) USP24
ZFFPL1744 Oxytocin 50-56-6 USP/EP
ZFFPL1745 Oxytocin Acetate USP/EP
ZFFPL1746 Ozagrel Base / Hydrochloride (HCl)/ Sodium 99% Min
ZFFPL1747 Ozagrel HCl / Sodium 82571-53-7 99% Min
ZFFPL1748 Paclitaxel 33069-62-4 USP28
ZFFPL1749 Paclitaxel USP30
ZFFPL1750 Paclobutrazol 95% Min
ZFFPL1751 Paeonia Lactiflora P.E Total Paeoniflorin 40%
ZFFPL1752 Paeoniflorin 23180-57-6 90% Min
ZFFPL1753 Paeoniflorin 90%
ZFFPL1754 Paliperidone 144598-75-4 99%Min
ZFFPL1755 Paliperidone 99%Min
ZFFPL1756 Palonosetron HCl 135729-62-3 99% Min
ZFFPL1757 Palonosetron Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%Min
ZFFPL1758 Pamabrom 606-04-2 USP28
ZFFPL1759 Pamabrom USP29
ZFFPL1760 Pamidronate Disodium 109552-15-0 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1761 Pamidronate Disodium 98%
ZFFPL1762 P-amino methyl benzoic acid CP
ZFFPL1763 P-amino phenol 99% Min
ZFFPL1764 Panax Ginseng Extractive Ginsenosides 80% (UV)
ZFFPL1765 Pancuronium Bromide 15500-66-0 USP30/EP5
ZFFPL1766 Pancuronium Bromide USP30/EP5
ZFFPL1767 Panipenem 87726-17-8 98% Min
ZFFPL1768 Panipenem 98%Min
ZFFPL1769 Pantethine 99%Min
ZFFPL1770 Pantoprazole Sodium 102625-70-7 CP/ES
ZFFPL1771 Pantoprazole Sodium ES/CP
ZFFPL1772 Papain 80U/G, 120U/G
ZFFPL1773 Paracetamol BP2003
ZFFPL1774 Paromomycin Sulfate 1263-89-4 USP24
ZFFPL1775 Paromomycin Sulfate USP27
ZFFPL1776 Paroxetine Hydrochloride (HCl) EP4
ZFFPL2517 Pazopanib 444731-52-6 99%Min
ZFFPL1777 Pazufloxacin Mesilate 127045-41-4 98-102%
ZFFPL1778 Pazufloxacin Mesilate / methanesulfonate / Base ES/CP
ZFFPL1779 Pefloxacin Mesylate CP2000
ZFFPL1780 Pemetrexed disodium 150399-23-8 CP/ES
ZFFPL1781 Pemetrexed Disodium 99%Min
ZFFPL1782 Pemirolast Potassium 100299-08-9 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1783 Pemirolast Potassium 98.5%Min
ZFFPL1784 Penciclovir 39809-25-1 99% Min
ZFFPL1785 Penciclovir 99%Min
ZFFPL1786 Penfluradol BP98/USP24
ZFFPL1787 Penicillin G Sodium BP98
ZFFPL1788 Pentoxifylline CP2000
ZFFPL1789 Pentoxyverine Citrate 77-23-6 CP2000
ZFFPL1790 Pentoxyverine Citrate ES/CP
ZFFPL1791 Pepsin CP2000
ZFFPL2551 Peramivir Trihydrate 1041434-82-5 99% Min
ZFFPL1792 Pergolide Mesylate 99% Min
ZFFPL1793 Perindopril 82834-16-0 CP/ES
ZFFPL1794 Perindopril 98%MIN
ZFFPL1795 Perospirone Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1796 Phenacetine BP68
ZFFPL1797 Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride (HCl) USP31
ZFFPL1798 Phenformin hydrochloride CP2000
ZFFPL1799 Phenibut 99%Min
ZFFPL1800 Phenoxybenzamine Hydrochloride BP2000/USP24
ZFFPL1801 Phentolamine Mesilate 50-60-2 USP26
ZFFPL1802 Phentolamine Mesylate USP26
ZFFPL1803 Phenylephrine Hydrochloride USP26/CP2000
ZFFPL1804 Phenylephrine Hydrochloride 61-76-7 USP26/CP
ZFFPL1805 Phenytion Sodium ES
ZFFPL1806 Phosphatidyl Serine 8002-43-5 90% Min
ZFFPL1807 Phosphatidyl Serine 90%Min,20%
ZFFPL1808 Phycocyanin FOOD
ZFFPL1809 Phytosterol 95%
ZFFPL2518 Picoplatin 181630-15-9 CP/ES
ZFFPL1810 Picrasma quassiudes (Ddon)Extract Bem ES/CP
ZFFPL1811 Pidotimod 121808-62-6 99% Min
ZFFPL1812 Pidotimod 98%Min
ZFFPL1813 Pikamilone Sodium 98% Min
ZFFPL1814 Pilsicainide 88069-67-4 99% Min
ZFFPL1815 Pilsicainide Hydrochloride (HCl) 98%
ZFFPL1816 Pimobendan 74150-27-9 99% Min
ZFFPL1817 Pimobendan EP6
ZFFPL1818 Pine Bark Extract Proanthocyanidin95%
ZFFPL1819 Pink Plumepoppy Herb P.E. Sanguinarine 40%,60%
ZFFPL1820 Pioglitazone HCl 111025-46-8 99% Min
ZFFPL1821 Pioglitazone Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%Min
ZFFPL1822 Piperazine Ferulate 99% Min
ZFFPL1823 Piperine 98%Min
ZFFPL1824 Piracetam ES/CP
ZFFPL1825 Pirenoxine 1043-21-6 JP14
ZFFPL1826 Pirenoxine Sodium JP14
ZFFPL1827 Pirenzepine Hcl 29868-97-1 99% Min
ZFFPL1828 Pirenzepine Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%Min
ZFFPL1829 Pirfenidone 53179-13-8 98% Min
ZFFPL1830 Pirfenidone 98%Min
ZFFPL1831 Piribedil HCl 3605-1-4 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1832 Piribedil Hydrochloride (HCl) 98.50%
ZFFPL2519 Pirlimycin Hydrochloride 78822-40-9 CP/ES
ZFFPL1833 Piroxicam USP24
ZFFPL1834 Pitavastatin Calcium 147526-32-7 98.5% Min
ZFFPL1835 Pitavastatin Calcium ES/CP
ZFFPL1836 Pizotifen Malate BP2002
ZFFPL1837 Platinum Dioxide hydrate 1314-15-4  99% Min
ZFFPL1838 Platinum Dioxidehydrate 99% Min
ZFFPL1839 Ploysaccharopeptide ES
ZFFPL1840 Podophyllotoxin 4354-76-1 98% Min
ZFFPL1841 Podophyllotoxin 98%
ZFFPL1842 Policosanol 557-61-9 60% Min
ZFFPL1843 Policosanol 60% Min
ZFFPL1844 Poly adenosinic acid ES/CP
ZFFPL1845 Poly Cytidysic acid ES/CP
ZFFPL1846 Poly Inosinic acid ES/CP
ZFFPL1847 Poly Uridinic acid ES/CP
ZFFPL1848 Polyadenosinic acid CP/ES
ZFFPL1849 Polyaspartic Acid 40%
ZFFPL1850 Polycytidylic Acid(polyc) 92%
ZFFPL1851 Polycytidylic Acid(polyc) 92% Min
ZFFPL1852 Polycytidysic acid CP/ES
ZFFPL1853 Polydextrose FAO/WHO1995
ZFFPL1854 Polygonum Cuspidatum P.E 518-82-1 98% Min
ZFFPL1855 Polygonum Cuspidatum P.E Resveratrol 98% (HPLC)
ZFFPL1856 Polyinosinic acid CP/ES
ZFFPL1857 Polyinosinic Acid(poly) 92%
ZFFPL1858 Polymixin B Sulfate USP28 For Injection
ZFFPL1859 Polymixin B Sulfate / Polymyxin B Sulphate 1405-20-5 CP/ES
ZFFPL1860 Polystictus Glycopeptide ES/CP
ZFFPL1861 Polyuridinic acid CP/ES
ZFFPL1862 Pomegranate Extract Ellagic 40%
ZFFPL2520 Posaconazole 171228-49-2 CP/ES
ZFFPL1863 Potassium Canrenoate JP14
ZFFPL1864 Potassium Dehydroandrograpolide Succinate CP2005
ZFFPL1865 Potassium Pyruvate 98% Min
ZFFPL1866 Potassium Sodium Dehydroandrograpolide Succinate ES
ZFFPL1867 Potassium Sodium Pehydroandroandrographolide Succinate 94%
ZFFPL1868 Pralidoxime Chloride USP24
ZFFPL1869 Pramipexole DiHydrochloride (HCl) 98%
ZFFPL1870 Pramiracetam ES/CP
ZFFPL1871 Pramoxine Hydrochloride (HCl) USP28
ZFFPL1872 Pranlukast 103177-37-3 EP/JP/CP
ZFFPL1873 Pranlukast EP/JP/CP
ZFFPL1874 Prasterone Sodium Sulfate 98%
ZFFPL1875 Prasugrel 150322-43-3 98%Min
ZFFPL1876 Prasugrel HBr 99%Min
ZFFPL1877 Prasugrel hydrobromide 98%Min
ZFFPL1878 Prasugrel Hydrobromide (HBr) 99%Min
ZFFPL1879 Pravastatin Sodium 81093-37-0 EP5
ZFFPL1880 Pravastatin Sodium EP5.0
ZFFPL1881 Praziquantel USP
ZFFPL1882 Prazosin HCl 19237-84-4 USP24
ZFFPL1883 Prazosin Hydrochloride (HCl) USP24
ZFFPL1884 Prednicarbate USP26
ZFFPL1885 Prednisolone Base / Acetate / Phosphate / Succinate USP24/BP98
ZFFPL1886 Prednisone Base / Acetate USP24/BP98
ZFFPL1887 Pregabalin 148553-50-8 CP/ES
ZFFPL1888 Pregabalin / 148553-50-8 99%
ZFFPL1889 Prilocaine Hydrochloride USP25
ZFFPL1890 Primaquine Diphosphate CP2005
ZFFPL1891 Primaquine Phosphate 90-34-6 BP88
ZFFPL1892 Probenecid CP2005
ZFFPL1893 Procaine Hydrochloride (HCl) USP24
ZFFPL1894 Procaterol Hydrochloride (HCl) Hemihydrate CP2000
ZFFPL1895 Progesterone USP28/BP2002
ZFFPL1896 Proglumide 6620-60-6 CP2000
ZFFPL1897 Proglumide CP2000
ZFFPL1898 Prognenolone 98%Min
ZFFPL1899 Promestriene ES/CP
ZFFPL1900 Promethazine Hydrochloride (HCl) USP26
ZFFPL1901 Propacetamol hydrochloride CP2005
ZFFPL1902 Propafbnone ES
ZFFPL1903 Propafenone Hydrochloride (HCl) USP24
ZFFPL1904 Propiverine Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1905 Propofol GMP/EP4
ZFFPL1906 Propranolol Hydrochloride (HCl) BP2000/USP24
ZFFPL1907 Propylthiouracil BP2000
ZFFPL1908 Prostaglandin E1 745-65-3 99% Min
ZFFPL1909 Prostaglandin E1 / E2 99% Min
ZFFPL1910 Prostaglandin E2 363-24-6  98% Min
ZFFPL1911 Provigil(Cephalon) ES/CP
ZFFPL1912 Proxymetacaine Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1913 Prulifloxacin 123447-62-1 99% Min
ZFFPL1914 Prulifloxacin 99%Min
ZFFPL1915 Puerariae Extract Isoflavone 40%
ZFFPL1916 Puerarin 3681-99-0 97% Min
ZFFPL1917 Puerarin 98%
ZFFPL1918 Puncturevine Caltrap Extract Tribuloside >20%,>40%
ZFFPL1919 Pureraria lobata Extract Isoflavone >10%
ZFFPL1920 Pyrantel Pamoate USP25
ZFFPL1921 Pyrazinamide BP2000
ZFFPL1922 Pyridine Hydrochloride (HCl) 98.5%Min
ZFFPL1923 Pyridostigmine Bromide ES/CP
ZFFPL1924 Pyridoxal-5-phosphate ES/CP
ZFFPL1925 Pyridoxamine USP27
ZFFPL1926 Pyritinol Hydrochloride (HCl) CP2000/JSPI
ZFFPL1927 Quercetin 99%
ZFFPL1928 Quetiapine fumarate ES/CP
ZFFPL1929 Quinapril 85441-61-8 CP/ES
ZFFPL1930 Quinapril Hydrochloride USP
ZFFPL1931 Quinestrol CP2000
ZFFPL1932 Rabeprazole 117976-89-3 99% Min
ZFFPL1933 Rabeprazole Sodium 99%
ZFFPL1934 Raceanisodamine 134355-54-7  CP2000
ZFFPL1935 Raceanisodamine CP2000
ZFFPL1936 Racecadotril 557-30-2 CP/ES
ZFFPL1937 Racecadotril ES/CP
ZFFPL1938 Ractopamine Hydrochloride (HCl) 98.5%Min
ZFFPL1939 Raloxifene Hydrochloride (HCl) 99% Min
ZFFPL1940 R-alpha Lipoic Acid 62-46-4 R:99% Min
ZFFPL1941 R-alpha Lipoic Acid R:99% Min
ZFFPL1942 Raltegravir Potassium 871038-72-1 CP/ES
ZFFPL1943 Raltegravir Potassium ES/CP
ZFFPL1944 Raltitrexed 112887-68-0 CP/ES
ZFFPL1945 Raltitrexed ES/CP
ZFFPL2552 Ramatroban 116649-85-5 ES
ZFFPL1946 Ramipril 87333-19-5 BP2000
ZFFPL1947 Ramipril BP2000/EPIV
ZFFPL1948 Ramosetron Hydrochloride 132907-72-3 R:99% Min
ZFFPL1949 Ramosetron Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%Min
ZFFPL1950 Ranitidine Hydrochlorride USP24/JP13
ZFFPL1951 Ranolazine 95635-55-5 99% Min
ZFFPL1952 Ranolazine Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1953 Rapamycin / Sirolimus 53123-88-9 96% Min
ZFFPL1954 Rapamycin / Sirolimus 98% Min
ZFFPL1955 Rasagiline Mesylate 99%
ZFFPL1956 Rebamipide 98%Min
ZFFPL1957 Reboxetine ES/CP
ZFFPL1958 Red Clover Extract Isoflavone 8%,10%,20%,40%
ZFFPL1959 Red Yeast Rice P.E Lovastatin 0.4%
ZFFPL1960 Rehmannia Glutinosa Libosch Extract 3%
ZFFPL1961 Reishi Mushroom P.E polysaccharide 10%,20% /Triterpenes 4%
ZFFPL1962 Repaglinide 135062-02-1 CP/ES
ZFFPL1963 Repaglinide USP29
ZFFPL1964 Reserpine 50-55-5 97-103%
ZFFPL1965 Reserpine CP2000/97%-103%
ZFFPL1966 Resibufogenin 98%Min
ZFFPL1967 Resveratrol HPLC 99%
ZFFPL1968 Resveratrol 501-36-0 95% Min
ZFFPL1969 Retinamide 53839-71-7 CP/ES
ZFFPL1970 Retinamide ES/CP
ZFFPL1971 R-Fluoxetine 99%Min
ZFFPL1972 Rhamnose 3615-41-6 95% Min
ZFFPL1973 Rhamnose 95% Min
ZFFPL1974 Rheum P.E. 1%,3%,50%
ZFFPL1975 Rhodiola P.E. Salisorosides 1%,2%,3%
ZFFPL1976 Ribavirin USP31
ZFFPL1977 Ribonucleic Acid ES/CP
ZFFPL1978 Ribostamycin Sulfate 53797-35-6 JP98
ZFFPL1979 Ribostamycin Sulfate JP98
ZFFPL1980 Rifabutin 72559-06-9 USP23
ZFFPL1981 Rifabutin USP30
ZFFPL1982 Rifadin BP98/USP24/CP2000
ZFFPL1983 Rifampicin USP23/CP2000
ZFFPL1984 Rifamycin O 14487-05-9 90% Min
ZFFPL1985 Rifamycin O / S / S Na / SV Na 90%Min
ZFFPL1986 Rifapentine 61379-65-5 BP2000
ZFFPL1987 Rifapentine BP2000
ZFFPL1988 Rifaximin 97%
ZFFPL1989 Rifaximin 80621-81-4 97% Min
ZFFPL1990 Rilmenidine 54187-04-1 USP
ZFFPL1991 Rilmenidine dihydrogen phosphate USP
ZFFPL1992 Riluzole ES/CP
ZFFPL1993 Rimantadine Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL1994 Risedronate Sodium 115436-72-1 99% Min
ZFFPL1995 Risedronate Sodium 99%Min
ZFFPL1996 Risedronic acid 105462-24-6 CP/ES
ZFFPL1997 Risedronic acid ES/CP
ZFFPL1998 Risperidone EP6
ZFFPL1999 Ristocetin A 99%Min
ZFFPL2000 Ristocetin A 90%Min
ZFFPL2001 Ritonavir 155213-67-5 CP/ES
ZFFPL2002 Ritonavir 155213-67-5 CP/ES
ZFFPL2003 Ritonavir ES/CP
ZFFPL2462 Rivaroxaban 366789-02-8 98% Min
ZFFPL2004 Rivastigmine Hydrogen tartrate ES/CP
ZFFPL2005 Rizatriptan Benzoate 145202-66-0 CP/ES
ZFFPL2006 Rizatriptan Benzoate ES/CP
ZFFPL2007 Robenidine Hydrochloride (HCl) CPV2000
ZFFPL2008 Rocuronium Bromide 119302-91-9 CP/ES
ZFFPL2009 Rocuronium Bromide EP5.4
ZFFPL2010 Rofecoxib 162011-90-7 98-102%
ZFFPL2011 Rofecoxib 98%Min
ZFFPL2012 Ropinirole HCl 91374-21-9 99% Min
ZFFPL2013 Ropinirole Hydrochloride (HCl) EPV/USP29
ZFFPL2014 Ropivacaine Hydrochloride (HCl) / Mesylate USP
ZFFPL2015 Rose-boot Extract Salidroside2%
ZFFPL2016 Rosiglitazone Base / HCl / Maleate 122320-73-4 99% Min
ZFFPL2017 Rosiglitazone Base / Hydrochloride (HCl) / Maleate 99% Min
ZFFPL2018 Rosuvastatin Calcium 147098-20-2 98% Min
ZFFPL2019 Rosuvastatin Calcium ES/CP
ZFFPL2020 Rotundine CP2000
ZFFPL2021 Roxatidine Acetate HCl 78273-80-0 99% Min
ZFFPL2022 Roxatidine Acetate Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%Min
ZFFPL2023 Roxithromycin EP5.2/CP2005
ZFFPL2024 R-phycoerythrin A565/A280
ZFFPL2025 Rubescensin A (Oridonin) 28957-04-2  98% Min
ZFFPL2026 Rubescensin A (Oridonin) 98% Min
ZFFPL2027 Rubitecan 99% Min
ZFFPL2028 Rubitecan 91421-42-0 99% Min
ZFFPL2029 Rubus Extract 5:01
ZFFPL2030 Rufinamide 106308-44-5 CP/ES
ZFFPL2031 Rufinamide ES/CP
ZFFPL2032 Rupatadine Fumarate 158876-82-5 CP/ES
ZFFPL2033 Rupatadine Fumarate ES/CP
ZFFPL2034 Rutin 99%(DAB10
ZFFPL2035 S(+)-Ibuprofen ES/CP
ZFFPL2036 S-adenosyl-L-methionine(sam-e)Disulfate p-toluenesulfonate ES/CP
ZFFPL2037 S-adenosylmethionine 1,4-butanedisulfonate / toluenesulfonate 98%Min
ZFFPL2038 S-adenosylmethionine toluenesulfonate 71914-80-2  98% Min
ZFFPL2039 Salicin 138-52-3 98% Min
ZFFPL2040 Salicin 98% Min
ZFFPL2041 Salicylhydroxamic Acid 98%Min
ZFFPL2042 Salidroside ES/CP
ZFFPL2043 Salix Babylonica L.P.E Salicin 15%, 25%, 30%
ZFFPL2044 Salmetero Xinafoate CP2005
ZFFPL2045 SAME butanedisulfonate 95%MIN
ZFFPL2046 Saquinavir Mesylate 149845-06-7 CP/ES
ZFFPL2047 Saquinavir Mesylate ES/CP
ZFFPL2048 Sarafloxacin Hydrochloride (HCl) 98%
ZFFPL2049 Sarpogrelate HCl 125926-17-2 98% Min
ZFFPL2050 Sarpogrelate Hydrochloride (HCl) 98%Min
ZFFPL2051 Sarsasapogenin 126-19-2 98% Min
ZFFPL2052 Sarsasapogenin 98%Min
ZFFPL2521 Satraplatin 129580-63-8 CP/ES
ZFFPL2522 Saxagliptin 361442-04-8 99%Min
ZFFPL2053 Scopine di (2-thienyl) glycolate 99%Min
ZFFPL2054 Sdhisandra P.E Schisandrin 5%
ZFFPL2055 Secnidazole ES/CP
ZFFPL2056 Securinine 98%Min
ZFFPL2057 Senna Leaf Extract Sennoside 10%
ZFFPL2058 Sequoyitol 95%Min
ZFFPL2059 Sequoyitol 95% Min
ZFFPL2060 Seratrodast 112665-43-7 CP/ES
ZFFPL2061 Seratrodast ES/CP
ZFFPL2062 Sermorelin 98%Min
ZFFPL2063 Sertaconazole 99592-32-2 98% Min
ZFFPL2064 Sertaconazole 98% Min
ZFFPL2065 Sertraline Hydrochloride 99%Min
ZFFPL2066 Sesame P.E. 607-80-7 98% Min
ZFFPL2067 Sesame P.E. Sesamin 30%,60%,99%
ZFFPL2068 Sesamol 98%
ZFFPL2069 Sevelamer HCl 152751-57-0 CP/ES
ZFFPL2070 Sevelamer Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL2071 Shikimic Acid 138-95-0 98-102%
ZFFPL2072 Shikimic acid 98%
ZFFPL2073 Shitake Mushroom Extract Polysaccharides 10%, 25% (UV)
ZFFPL2074 Shnephrine 98%
ZFFPL2075 Shorthorned Epimedium Extract Icariin 20%
ZFFPL2076 Siberian Gingseng Extract Eleutheroside B+E>0.8%
ZFFPL2077 Sibutramine Hydrochloride (HCl) / Base ES/CP
ZFFPL2523 Silodosin 160970-54-7 CP/ES
ZFFPL2078 Silver Sulfadiazine USP/CP2005
ZFFPL2079 Silymarin UV/80%,DAB10
ZFFPL2080 Silyrin 95%
ZFFPL2081 Simvastatin 79902-63-9 USP24
ZFFPL2082 Simvastatin USP31
ZFFPL2083 Sinomenine Hydrochloride (HCl) 97%Min
ZFFPL2084 Sirolimus (Rapamycin) 98.50%
ZFFPL2085 Sirolimus(Rapamycin) 53123-88-9  98% Min
ZFFPL2086 Sisomicin Sulfate 32385-11-8 USP26
ZFFPL2087 Sisomicin Sulfate USP27
ZFFPL2524 Sitafloxacin Hydrate 163253-35-8 99%Min
ZFFPL2088 Sitagliptin Phosphate Monohydrate 654671-77-9 CP/ES
ZFFPL2089 Sitagliptin Phosphate Monohydrate ES/CP
ZFFPL2090 Sodium Aescinate 20977-05-3  98% Min
ZFFPL2091 Sodium Aescinate 98%Min
ZFFPL2092 Sodium Cromoylycate BP98
ZFFPL2093 Sodium D-Glucuronate 99%Min
ZFFPL2094 Sodium faropenem 122547-49-3 99% Min
ZFFPL2095 Sodium Faropenem 99%Min
ZFFPL2096 Sodium Ferulate CP2005
ZFFPL2097 Sodium Ferulic 24276-84-4 CP/ES
ZFFPL2098 Sodium Folinate 98%Min
ZFFPL2099 Sodium Folinate CP/ES
ZFFPL2100 Sodium Fusidate 751-94-0 CP/ES
ZFFPL2101 Sodium Fusidate ES/CP
ZFFPL2102 Sodium Hyaluronate 9067-32-7 CP/ES
ZFFPL2103 Sodium Hyaluronate Oral,Cosmetical,Medical
ZFFPL2104 Sodium Magnesium Chlorophyllin ES
ZFFPL2105 Sodium oxolinate ES/CP
ZFFPL2106 Sodium Oxybate CP2000
ZFFPL2107 Sodium Ozagrel CP2005
ZFFPL2108 Sodium phenylbutazone 98% Min
ZFFPL2109 Sodium polydithio-dipropyl-sulfonate 96%
ZFFPL2110 Sodium Prasterone Sulfate CP
ZFFPL2111 Sodium Pyrithione ES/CP
ZFFPL2112 Sodium Pyruvate 99% Min
ZFFPL2113 Sodium Saccharine USP24
ZFFPL2114 Sodium stibogluconate USP/BP
ZFFPL2115 Sodium Usnic Acid 98%
ZFFPL2116 Sodium Usnic Acid 98% Min
ZFFPL2117 Sodium Valproate BP2000
ZFFPL2118 Sodiumbisulflte Andrographolide 95%-105%
ZFFPL2119 Sofalcone 64506-49-6 JP2002
ZFFPL2120 Sofalcone JP2002
ZFFPL2121 Solanesol 95%MIN
ZFFPL2122 Solifenacin Succinate 242478-38-2 CP/ES
ZFFPL2123 Solifenacin Succinate ES/CP
ZFFPL2124 Somatostatin ES/CP
ZFFPL2125 Somatostatin CP/ES
ZFFPL2126 Somatostatin Acetate ES/CP
ZFFPL2127 Sophocarpine 145572-44-7 98% Min
ZFFPL2128 Sophocarpine 98%Min
ZFFPL2129 Sophoridine 83148-91-8 98% Min
ZFFPL2130 Sophoridine 98%Min
ZFFPL2131 Sorafenib ES/CP
ZFFPL2132 Sorafenib tosylate 475207-59-1 CP/ES
ZFFPL2133 Sotalol Hydrochloride (HCl) BP2000
ZFFPL2134 Soybean P.E Isoflavone 40%, 99%
ZFFPL2135 Sparfloxacin 98%
ZFFPL2136 Spectinomycin Hydrochloride / Sulphate USP24
ZFFPL2137 Spectinomycin Hydrochloride /Sulfate 1695-77-8 USP24
ZFFPL2138 Spiramycin Adipate EP2000
ZFFPL2139 Spironolactone USP26/EP4
ZFFPL2140 S-Ropivacaine Hydrochloride (HCl)/Mesylate ES/CP
ZFFPL2141 St.John,s Wort Extract Hypericin(HPLC)0.3%
ZFFPL2142 Stalol Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%Min
ZFFPL2143 Stavudine USP28
ZFFPL2144 Stavudine (D4T) 3056-17-5 99% Min
ZFFPL2145 Stepronin 99%Min
ZFFPL2146 Sterile Azlocillin Sodium USP23
ZFFPL2147 Sterptomycin Sulfate Oral USP/BP/EP
ZFFPL2148 Stevia Extract 80%
ZFFPL2149 Stevioside 90% Min
ZFFPL2150 Stilboestrol BP98/USP24
ZFFPL2151 Streptomycin Sulfate BP98
ZFFPL2152 Streptozotocin 18883-66-4 CP/ES
ZFFPL2153 Streptozotocin ES/CP
ZFFPL2154 Strontium Ranelate 135459-87-1 CP/ES
ZFFPL2155 Strontium Ranelate HIS
ZFFPL2156 Sucralfate USP24
ZFFPL2157 Sulbactam Sodium USP25
ZFFPL2158 Sulfacetamide sodium USP24/BP98
ZFFPL2159 Sulfaclozine Sodium CPV96
ZFFPL2160 Sulfadiazine Sodium USP24
ZFFPL2161 Sulfadimethoxine Sodium 99%
ZFFPL2162 Sulfadoxine USP24/BP98
ZFFPL2163 Sulfamerazine Sodium USP15
ZFFPL2164 Sulfamethazine BP98
ZFFPL2165 Sulfamethoxazole BP98/CP2000
ZFFPL2166 Sulfamethoxypyrazine CP95
ZFFPL2167 Sulfamethoxypyridazine BPV98
ZFFPL2168 Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium CPV2000
ZFFPL2169 Sulfasalazine USP24
ZFFPL2170 Sulfathiazole Sodium BPV2000
ZFFPL2171 Sulindac BP2000/UPS25
ZFFPL2172 Sulphadimethoxine USP24
ZFFPL2173 Sulphadoxine BP2003/USP23
ZFFPL2174 Sulpiride BP2003/USP23
ZFFPL2175 Sultamicillin Tosylate JP14
ZFFPL2176 Sultopride Hydrochloride (HCl) 98%Min
ZFFPL2177 Sumatriptan Base 98%Min
ZFFPL2178 Sumatriptan Succinate 103628-46-2 99% Min
ZFFPL2179 Sumatriptan Succinate EP6
ZFFPL2525 Sunitinib 557795-19-4 99%Min
ZFFPL2526 Sunpla 146665-77-2 CP/ES
ZFFPL2180 Suxamethonium Chloride /Succinylcholine Chloride BP2000
ZFFPL2181 Synepherine 98%
ZFFPL2182 Tabersonine 4429-63-4  CP/ES
ZFFPL2183 Tabersonine ES/CP
ZFFPL2184 Tacrolimus 104987-11-3 96% Min
ZFFPL2185 Tacrolimus 97% MIN
ZFFPL2187 Talniflumate 98%Min
ZFFPL2527 Tamoxifen Citrate 54965-24-1 99%Min
ZFFPL2188 Tamsulosin hydrochloride 106463-17-6 CP/ES
ZFFPL2189 Tamsulosin Hydrochloride ES/CP
ZFFPL2528 Tandutinib 387867-13-2 99%Min
ZFFPL2190 Tanshinone IIA Sulfonate 96%
ZFFPL2191 Tanshinone IIA Sulfonate 96% Min
ZFFPL2553 Tasocitinib 477600-75-2 ES
ZFFPL2192 Taurine 99.50%
ZFFPL2193 Taurocholic Acid Sodium Salt 145-42-6   97% Min
ZFFPL2194 Taurocholic Acid Sodium Salt 97%
ZFFPL2195 Taurolidine 19388-87-5 99% Min
ZFFPL2196 Taurolidine 99.00%
ZFFPL2197 Tazobactam Sodium 89786-04-9 94% Min
ZFFPL2198 Tazobactam(Sodium) 94% Min
ZFFPL2199 Tea Flavin 20%, 40%
ZFFPL2200 Tea polyphenol EGCG 40%,50%,60%
ZFFPL2201 Tea polyphenol 98%
ZFFPL2202 Tea polysaccharide 12%
ZFFPL2203 Tegafur 17902-23-7 CP2000
ZFFPL2204 Tegafur JP/CP
ZFFPL2205 Tegaserod Maleate 189188-57-6 99% Min
ZFFPL2206 Tegaserod Maleate 99%
ZFFPL2207 Teicoplanin 61036-62-2 900IU/mg
ZFFPL2208 Teicoplanin JP14
ZFFPL2209 Telithromycin ES/CP
ZFFPL2210 Telmisartan 99%
ZFFPL2211 Telmisartan 144701-48-4 99% Min
ZFFPL2212 Temocapril HCL 110221-44-8 CP/ES
ZFFPL2213 Temocapril Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL2214 Temozolomide 85622-93-1 98.5% Min
ZFFPL2215 Temozolomide 98.5% Min
ZFFPL2216 Tenatoprazole Sodium 113712-98-4 98% Min
ZFFPL2217 Tenatoprazole Sodium 98%
ZFFPL2218 Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate 202138-50-9 CP/ES
ZFFPL2219 Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate ES/CP
ZFFPL2220 Tenoxicam 59804-37-4 99% Min
ZFFPL2221 Tenoxicam BP2005/EP6
ZFFPL2222 Terazosin HCl 63590-64-7 98.5% Min
ZFFPL2223 Terazosin Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL2224 Terbinafine HCl 78628-80-5 98% Min
ZFFPL2225 Terbinafine Hydrochloride (HCl) EP5
ZFFPL2226 Terbutaline Sulfate CP2000
ZFFPL2227 Terfenadine CP2000
ZFFPL2228 Tetracaine Hydrochloride (HCl) BP98
ZFFPL2229 Tetracycline Hydrochloride USP23
ZFFPL2230 Tetrahydrocyclopentadiene USP31
ZFFPL2231 Tetrahydropalmatine sulfate ES/CP
ZFFPL2232 Tetrandrine 518-34-3 98% Min
ZFFPL2233 Tetrandrine ES/CP
ZFFPL2234 Thalidomide ES/CP
ZFFPL2235 Theobromine CP2000
ZFFPL2236 Thiabendazole USP24
ZFFPL2237 Thiamazole USP24
ZFFPL2238 Thiamine Hydrochloride (HCl) USP24/BP98
ZFFPL2239 Thiamphenicol glycinate Hydrochloride (HCl) 98% Min
ZFFPL2240 Thioctic Acid ES/CP
ZFFPL2241 Thioctic Amide 98%Min
ZFFPL2242 Thiodipropionic Acid
ZFFPL2243 Thioguanine 154-42-7 USP29
ZFFPL2244 Thioguanine USP29
ZFFPL2245 Thiostrepton 1393-48-2 USP26
ZFFPL2246 Thiostrepton USP26
ZFFPL2247 Thiotepa 52-24-4 98% Min
ZFFPL2248 Thiotepa 98%
ZFFPL2249 Tiagabine 145821-59-6 99% Min
ZFFPL2250 Tiagabine 99% Min
ZFFPL2251 Tiamulin CPV2000
ZFFPL2252 Tianeptine sodium EP5.5
ZFFPL2536 Ticagrelor (AZD-6140) 274693-27-5 ES
ZFFPL2253 Ticlopidine Hydrochloride BP
ZFFPL2254 Tigecycline 220620-09-7  CP/ES
ZFFPL2255 Tigecycline ES/CP
ZFFPL2256 Tilmicosin 108050-54-0 USP26
ZFFPL2257 Tilmicosin USP26
ZFFPL2258 Tilmicosin Phosphate ES/CP
ZFFPL2259 Tilorone 27591-97-5 CP/ES
ZFFPL2260 Tilorone ES/CP
ZFFPL2261 Tiludronate disodium 155453-10-4  CP/ES
ZFFPL2262 Tiludronate disodium ES/CP
ZFFPL2263 Timolol Maleate USP31
ZFFPL2264 Timolol Maleate USP31
ZFFPL2265 Timolol Maleate USP31
ZFFPL2266 Tiopronin 1953-02-2 98-102%
ZFFPL2267 Tiopronin 98%Min
ZFFPL2268 Tiotropium bromide 136310-93-5 99% Min
ZFFPL2269 Tiotropium bromide 99%
ZFFPL2270 Tirapazamine 27314-97-2 CP/ES
ZFFPL2271 Tirapazamine ES/CP
ZFFPL2554 Tiratricol 51-24-1 99%MIN
ZFFPL2272 Tirofiban HCl 142373-60-2 99% Min
ZFFPL2273 Tirofiban Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%Min
ZFFPL2274 Tobramycin Base / Sulphate USP26
ZFFPL2275 Tobramycin Sulphate 49842-07-1 USP26
ZFFPL2276 Tolazoline Hydrochloride (HCl) 98.5% Min
ZFFPL2277 Tolbutamide BP98
ZFFPL2278 Tolperisone JP14
ZFFPL2279 Tolterodine Hydrochloride (HCl) / L-Tartrate 99%Min
ZFFPL2280 Tolterodine Tartrate 124937-52-6 99% Min
ZFFPL2281 Toltrazuril 69004-03-1 CP/ES
ZFFPL2282 Toltrazuril ES/CP
ZFFPL2283 Tomoxetine Hydrochloride (HCl) 99% Min
ZFFPL2284 Topiramate USP31
ZFFPL2285 Topotecan Hydrochloride 119413-54-6 99% Min
ZFFPL2286 Topotecan Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%Min
ZFFPL2287 Topriamate E
ZFFPL2288 Torasemide 56211-40-6 ES/CP
ZFFPL2289 Torasemide 56211-40-6 USP
ZFFPL2290 Torasemide USP28
ZFFPL2291 Toremifene Citrate 99%Min
ZFFPL2292 Tosufloxacin Tosylate 107097-79-0 CP/ES
ZFFPL2293 Tosufloxacin Tosylate ES/CP
ZFFPL2294 Tramadol Hydrochloride (HCl) CP2000
ZFFPL2529 Trandolapril 87679-37-6 CP/ES
ZFFPL2295 Tranexamic Acid BP98
ZFFPL2296 Tranilast 53902-12-8 99% Min
ZFFPL2297 Tranilast 99% Min
ZFFPL2298 Trans-2-Butenoic acid(Crotnic acid) 98%
ZFFPL2299 Trapidil 15421-84-8 CP/ES
ZFFPL2300 Trapidil ES/CP
ZFFPL2301 Trazodone Hydrochloride USP
ZFFPL2302 Trepibutone ES/CP
ZFFPL2303 Tretinoin (Retinoic acid) 302-79-4 USP24
ZFFPL2304 Tretinoin (Retinoic acid) USP29
ZFFPL2305 Triacetyl Ganciclovir 98%
ZFFPL2306 Triamcinolone Acetonide 76-25-5 USP/BP
ZFFPL2307 Triamcinolone Acetonide USP/BP
ZFFPL2308 Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder Saponins 40%, 70%
ZFFPL2309 Tricine 99%Min
ZFFPL2310 Triclabendazole 98.5% Min
ZFFPL2311 Triethylamine Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%Min
ZFFPL2312 Trifluoperazine Hydrochloride (HCl) USP24/BP2000
ZFFPL2313 Trifluridine 70-00-8 98% Min
ZFFPL2314 Trifluridine 98%Min
ZFFPL2315 Trilostane 13647-35-3 BP2002
ZFFPL2316 Trilostane BP2002
ZFFPL2318 Trimetazidine 2 Hydrochloride (2HCl) / Base ES/CP
ZFFPL2319 Trimetazidine Hydrochloride 5011-34-7 98% Min
ZFFPL2320 Trimethoprim (micronized) USP26/BP2002
ZFFPL2321 Triopisetron Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL2322 Triphenylphosphine 100%
ZFFPL2323 Triptorelin Acetate 57773-63-4 CP/ES
ZFFPL2324 Triptorelin Acetate ES/CP
ZFFPL2325 Tropic Acid ES/CP
ZFFPL2326 Tropicamide 1508-75-4 USP24/BP98
ZFFPL2327 Tropicamide USP26
ZFFPL2328 Tropin ES/CP
ZFFPL2329 Tropinone ES/CP
ZFFPL2330 Tropisetron HCl /Mesylate 105826-92-4 CP/ES
ZFFPL2331 Tropisetron Hydrochloride (HCl) ES/CP
ZFFPL2332 Tropisetron Mesylate ES/CP
ZFFPL2333 Trospium Chloride EP6
ZFFPL2334 Troxipide 30751-05-4 CP/ES
ZFFPL2335 Troxipide 99%Min
ZFFPL2336 Trypsin 9002-7-7 USP/CP
ZFFPL2337 Trypsin USP/CP, >3500u/mg
ZFFPL2338 Tubeimoside A 102040-03-9  90% Min
ZFFPL2339 Tubeimoside A 90%
ZFFPL2340 Tuber fleeccflower root P.E phosphatide 2%
ZFFPL2341 Tulobuterol Hcl 56776-01-3 99% Min
ZFFPL2342 Tulobuterol Hydrochloride (HCl) CP
ZFFPL2343 Twyroid powder CP2000
ZFFPL2344 Ubenimex 58970-76-6 CP/ES
ZFFPL2345 Ubenimex CP2005
ZFFPL2346 Ubiquinonl ES/CP
ZFFPL2347 Ulinastatin 80449-31-6 CP/ES
ZFFPL2348 Ulinastatin ES/CP
ZFFPL2349 Unoprostone 120373-24-2 CP/ES
ZFFPL2350 Unoprostone ES
ZFFPL2351 Urapidil HCl 34661-75-1 99% Min
ZFFPL2352 Urapidil Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%Min
ZFFPL2353 Uridine diphosphate disodium salt 95% Min
ZFFPL2354 Uridine diphosphate glucose 95% /ES/CP
ZFFPL2355 Uridine diphosphate glucose 95% Min
ZFFPL2356 Uridine-5'-diphosphate disodium salt 95% /ES/CP
ZFFPL2357 Uridine-5'-triphosphate disodium salt 95% /ES/CP
ZFFPL2358 Uridine-5'-triphosphate disodium salt 95%Min
ZFFPL2359 Uridine-5'-triphosphate disodium salt 95%Min
ZFFPL2360 Urokinase ES/CP
ZFFPL2361 Ursodeoxycholic Acid 128-13-2 98.5% Min
ZFFPL2362 Ursodeoxycholic Acid USP
ZFFPL2363 Ursolic acid 77-52-1 95% Min
ZFFPL2364 Ursolic Acid 98% Min
ZFFPL2365 Usnic Acid 98%
ZFFPL2366 Vaccinium Uliginosum Anthocyanidin 25% (UV)
ZFFPL2367 Valaciclovir Hydrochloride 98% Min
ZFFPL2368 Valdecoxib 181695-72-7 CP/ES
ZFFPL2369 Valdecoxib ES/CP
ZFFPL2370 Valerian P.E. Valerianic Acid 0.8%
ZFFPL2371 Valiolamine 83465-22-9 CP/ES
ZFFPL2372 Valiolamine 99%Min
ZFFPL2373 Valsartan 137862-53-4 98-102%
ZFFPL2374 Valsartan USP31
ZFFPL2375 Vancomycin 1404-93-9 USP26
ZFFPL2376 Vancomycin USP26
ZFFPL2530 Vandetanib 443913-73-3 99%Min
ZFFPL2377 Vanillin 97%
ZFFPL2378 Vardenafil Hydrochloride (HCl) 99% Min
ZFFPL2555 Vargatef (BIBF1120) 928326-83-4 ES
ZFFPL2379 Vecuronium Bromide 50700-72-6 EP5.4
ZFFPL2380 Vecuronium Bromide EP5.4
ZFFPL2381 Venlafaxine Hydrochloride (HCl) 99%
ZFFPL2382 Verapamil Hydrochloride (HCl) USP26
ZFFPL2531 Vildagliptin 274901-16-5 99%Min
ZFFPL2383 Vinblastine Sulfate 143-67-9 USP26
ZFFPL2384 Vinblastine Sulfate USP28
ZFFPL2385 Vincamine 98.5%Min
ZFFPL2386 Vincristine Sulfate USP28
ZFFPL2387 Vincristine Sulphate 2068-78-2 USP25/BP
ZFFPL2388 Vindesine Sulfate 59917-39-4 BP2000
ZFFPL2389 Vindesine Sulfate BP2000
ZFFPL2390 Vindoline 2182-14-1 CP/ES
ZFFPL2391 Vindoline ES/CP
ZFFPL2392 Vinflunine Tartrate 162652-95-1 CP/ES
ZFFPL2393 Vinflunine Tartrate ES/CP
ZFFPL2394 Vinorelbine Base 95% Min
ZFFPL2395 Vinorelbine Bitartrate 71486-22-1 USP26
ZFFPL2396 Vinorelbine Bitartrate / Ditartrate / Tartrate USP29
ZFFPL2397 Vinorelbine Tartrate 125317-39-7  USP28
ZFFPL2398 Vinpocetin 42971-09-5 98-102%
ZFFPL2399 Vinpocetin 98-102%
ZFFPL2400 Vitamin B12 68-19-9 USP24
ZFFPL2401 Vitamin B12 USP24
ZFFPL2402 Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) USP26
ZFFPL2403 Vitamin B4 98% Min
ZFFPL2404 Vitamin B6 CP2000
ZFFPL2405 Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol) USP24/BP98
ZFFPL2406 Vitamin D2 Medical Grade 50-14-6 CP/ES
ZFFPL2407 Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) crystal Medical Grade USP24/BP98/EP4
ZFFPL2408 Vitamin D3 Medical Grade 67-97-0 CP/ES
ZFFPL2409 Vitamin E Nicotinate 97% Min
ZFFPL2410 Vitamin K3 ES/CP
ZFFPL2411 Vitamin K4 CP2000
ZFFPL2412 Vitamin U II CP
ZFFPL2413 Vitamine A Acetate
ZFFPL2414 Vitamine B2 Sodium Phosphate USP24/BP98
ZFFPL2415 Vitamine B6 USP27/EP4
ZFFPL2416 Vitamine C USP25
ZFFPL2417 Vitamine K1 Natural 97-103%
ZFFPL2418 Vitex Agnus Castus Extract 10:01
ZFFPL2419 Voglibose 83480-29-9 98% Min
ZFFPL2420 Voglibose 99%Min
ZFFPL2421 Voriconazole 137234-62-9 98-102%
ZFFPL2422 Voriconazole 99%
ZFFPL2423 Warfarin Sodium ES/CP
ZFFPL2424 Weeping Forsythla&Flower P.E Chlorogenic acid 20%
ZFFPL2425 White Kidneybeans Extract Powder Phaseolin 10:1
ZFFPL2426 White Peony P.E Paeoniflorin 10%
ZFFPL2427 White Tea Extract 30%
ZFFPL2428 white Willow bark Extract salicin >15%, >25%
ZFFPL2429 Wolfberry Extract 20%, 50%
ZFFPL2430 Xanthene-9-Carboxylic acid 98%
ZFFPL2431 Xanthinol Nicotinate CP2005
ZFFPL2432 Xylazine USP26
ZFFPL2433 Xylometazoline Hydrochloride 1218-35-5 USP24
ZFFPL2434 Xylometazoline Hydrochloride USP24
ZFFPL2435 Yohimbe Bark P.E Yohimbine 99%
ZFFPL2436 Zafirlukast 107753-78-6 CP/ES
ZFFPL2437 Zafirlukast 99%
ZFFPL2438 Zalcitabine 7481-89-2 USP28
ZFFPL2439 Zalcitabine USP28
ZFFPL2440 Zeatin 13114-27-7 98% Min
ZFFPL2441 Zeatin 98% Min
ZFFPL2442 Zidovudine USP28
ZFFPL2443 Zidovudine (AZT) 30516-87-1 USP25
ZFFPL2444 Zileuton ES/CP
ZFFPL2445 Zinc Bacitracin 1405-89-6 USP31
ZFFPL2446 Zinc Bacitracin USP31
ZFFPL2447 Ziprasidone 138982-67-9 99%Min
ZFFPL2448 Ziprasidone Hydrochloride (HCl) / Mesilate 99%
ZFFPL2449 Zofenopril Calcium 81938-43-4 98.5% Min
ZFFPL2450 Zofenopril Calcium 98.5%Min
ZFFPL2451 Zoledronate Sodium 165800-07-7  CP/ES
ZFFPL2452 Zoledronic Acid 118072-93-8 98.5% Min
ZFFPL2453 Zoledronic Acid 98.5%Min
ZFFPL2454 Zolmitriptan 139264-17-8 99% Min
ZFFPL2455 Zolmitriptan ES/CP
ZFFPL2456 Zonisamide ES/CP
ZFFPL2457 Zopiclone ES/CP
ZFFPL2458 Z-Orn(BOC)-OH CAS #:7733-29-1 98%Min
ZFFPL2459 Zotepine 99% Min


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